Libra New Moon – October 2017

Libra New Moon – October 2017

Libra New Moon – October 2017 900 600 Mackensey Smith

Libra New Moon – October 2017


Libra New Moon Affirmation: “I attune to the energy of my Radiant spirit, grounding with Mother Earth I cleanse all that is no longer serving me and step into the frequency of balance and wholeness.”

My current morning routine has begun to involve my Thoth Tarot set. Today, I pulled a card of the day to reflect on before getting started, and almost right as I set my intention did “Adjustment” fly out of the deck. This card got me to thinking about this vibration in the world today, and with the new moon in Libra approaching, the message was loud and clear: “Balance!”

I’ve decided to share with you all a powerful ritual I will be working with this New Moon. We are looking for grounding, release, and empowerment. Preparing for the new intention of balance by grounding one’s energy, consciously releasing what is blocking your balance currently, and then filling the new space created within with what you wish you bring in during this next moon cycle. Here are the steps I will be taking:

Set your intention.

Get quiet, and begin to be mindful of your senses. And once you feel fully grounded and calm focus on your heart center. Hold your personal intention for this New Moon (I will be using the affirmation suggested in this post) clearly in your mind and as you breath in imagine this intention becoming a bright light enveloping you, until if finally installs fully in your heart. Remember to let your imagination run wild here. Even if you don’t “see” the light or thought in your mind’s eye it will still be effective. The universe picks up on the vibration of your intention whether you are well versed in visualizing or not.


Take some time to go within and listen to what needs to be released to fulfill your intention. I like to do this in a meditation posture, sitting or lying down in nature. I keep a journal next to me so that I can write down anything that comes to mind to help integrate the insight that comes through. As things (feelings, thoughts, etc) come through imagine them being burned up in the light you have ignited in your heart and floating away from your body up into the dark new moon above you. I do this for as long as feels comfortable.

Breathe in.

Continuing to use the breath I begin to breathe in what I wish to foster into my life. Breathing in balance, begin to see every crevice formed from what you let go fill with this energy of balance and clarity. Imagine that it is coming from the New Moon above you. Be sure to give thanks to the Earth and Moon for facilitating your healing and assisting you in your journey. After I feel an intuitive feeling that the process is complete, I put my hands in prayer position, holding the space of gratitude in my heart.


I finally end the ritual with cleansing and sealing. Using Sage, Palo Santo or a clearing crystal such as Selenite you can clear your physical body and the space in your home to facilitate new energies coming your way and seal the releasing process. I like to then take a salt bath and drink grounding and uplifting tea, such as Jasmine or Tulsi. As always I make sure to journal the experience.

I find this to be an empowering experience. By taking the time to honor yourself, your Mother Earth and the Moon you are working with the energy available to you. Consciously working with the naturally abundant tools always available to us we begin to draw more and more Radiant abundance into our lives. Enjoy your New Moon blessings!

Radiant Reflections:
What does this New Moon symbolize for me?
What in my life am I needing to release at this time?
What do I wish to invite to fill this new space?
What actions can I take to achieve more balance in my life today?