Remembering Together – Women’s Breathwork & Reiki Circle 5/20/21

Thursday, May 20th / 5:30pm to 6:45pm PST (8:30pm to 9:45pm EST) + optional 30-minute debrief / ONLINE

Remembering Together – Women’s Breathwork & Reiki Circle

Thursday, May 20, 2021

TIME: 5:30pm to 6:45pm PST (8:30-9:45pm EST) + optional 30-minute group debrief to further integrate and connect

LOCATION: Online via zoom.

EXCHANGE: $30 Full Price ($40 Pay it Forward Price. $20 Support Price.)

**Note on Price: $30 is the full price for this class. We have included a “Support” price for those experiencing financial hardship and for which the full price is not accessible, no questions asked. Choose the “Pay It Forward” price if you wish to help make the work financially accessible for those lower on the scale. With any sliding-scale system, it works best if there are people paying on all levels of the scale.

**No one turned away for lack of funds. Jazmin and Mackensey are also working with community organizations to make these offerings accessible to all. Please contact us if you would like to attend but the price is inaccessible at this time, no questions asked.

**Everyone will receive a RECORDING of this class within 24 hours of the live event.

**We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

Join Mackensey Smith and Jazmin Hicks for a women’s circle combining Breathwork and Reiki to strengthen community, enhance self-connection, and offer a space of deep healing to all.


In 2020, many of us found ourselves longing for community and connection. Join us every month, on the third Thursday of the month, in this healing space.

Community care is just as important as self-care, and the intention of this circle is to provide an ongoing container for women to gather, heal, empower, connect, and drop deep into their bodies to rise rooted as the sacred beings they are.


Each month there will be a unique theme for the group to focus on.

Whether you already have a clear intention for your year or are just looking for a space to connect with others and receive nourishment, this class is for you!

Jazmin and Mackensey will lead the group in an opening check-in, followed by a transformational Breathwork journey and finishing with a deeply nourishing Reiki meditation. The class lasts one hour with an optional 30-minute group debrief to integrate, share, or simply enjoy the company of your sisters a little longer. Stay the full 90 minutes or tap out after the reiki meditation to drift off to sleep or enjoy the post-breath glow in your own space.

Remembering together is a radical act of fostering a strong center of gravity within ourselves in the midst of community. We look forward to remembering with you in 2021!


What to expect:

  • Class opens with introduction to the month’s topic of “Grounding” and group check-in
  • Breathwork Journey led by Jazmin & Mackensey as an opportunity to release the old and call in the new.
  • Relaxing Reiki meditation to drop deep into rest and recharge
  • Closing of the class.
  • BONUS: Stay on the line for an optional 30-minute hang out session to share, integrate and connect with others in the group.

This class is for you if you:

  • are looking to join a powerful community of like-minded women
  • sense you could benefit from some nervous system healing
  • want to deepen your self-love
  • are experiencing overwhelm or depletion in any area of your life
  • want to experience greater vitality, joy and enthusiasm for life
  • are ready to let go or release old emotions and be supported in reclaiming your wholeness
  • want to heal with the support of group energy

About the Facilitators

Jazmin Hicks

“I was first exposed to breathwork while looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines to relieve my own anxiety and depression. In my own moments of darkness, taking time for functional movement, self reflection, and focusing inwards on my breath have greatly improved my mental health.

My calling to this work comes from a desire to hold a safe space for others to heal and the ripple effect that can have on the world as a whole.”

Learn more about Jazmin here

Mackensey Smith

Mackensey is Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Teacher and Ecosomatics practitioner. Her approach to healing is focused on people and planet healing via the Earth-Body-Breath connection.

By inviting in healing through the lens of our connection to the web of life, we can experience the greatest belonging there is. Creating healing for not only ourselves but all of life that share this planet with us.

Learn more about Mackensey here




**No one turned away for lack of funds. Jazmin and Mackensey are also working with community organizations to make these offerings accessible to all. Please contact us if you would like to attend but the price is inaccessible at this time, no questions asked.

**You can contact Jazmin at [email protected] or Mackensey at [email protected] 

**This class is held fully online via zoom. Log-in information will be included in the Confirmation email when you register.

**We will be laying down for the Breathwork meditation, so having a blanket, eye pillow/scarf, and anything else to make your space comfy will be helpful. Also bring a journal and something write with.

Breathwork is an active self-healing technique that utilizes the breath as a catalyst for profound personal growth and transformation. The breath is used as a tool to move energy in the body, filtering it through the heart to heal everything from chronic illness, trauma, anxiety, grief, and depression to addictions, creative blocks, and stuck relationships.

By grounding your soul into your body through the somatic experience of the breathwork, you connect deeper to your life purpose, expand intuitive gifts, increase relaxation and simply open up to more joy and fulfillment.

  • Want to know a secret? First time breathers are my favorite to work with (shhh don’t tell)

    The great thing about Breathwork is that it truly meets you where you’re at. I would feel into whether you feel more comfortable in groups or one-on-one sessions. If groups are your jam, a virtual breathwork workshop or in-person event will be a great place to start. If you prefer the personalized attention of a one-on-one, a Breath Discovery Session or Private Breathwork Session will be perfect for you.

  • It is very common for emotions to arise in the breathwork as we pull stuck emotional energy up and out from the lower chakras. You are in complete control of your experience with the breathwork so at any time if the energy is overwhelming you can shift the breath to a normal pattern and slow it down. An individual session would be a great option for you to have extra support.

  • Absolutely! Like any healing practice, the more often you do the work the more it can pay off. If you want to incorporate this work into your daily practice I suggest starting out with 5 minutes of the active breathing pattern followed by 5 minutes of relaxation.

  • I like to compare my Breathwork practice to your car. At-home breathing on your own is like gassing up your car, group healing like virtual or in-person breathwork workshops are like getting a car wash to freshen up and have fun, and individual sessions are akin to an oil-change or getting your car detailed. Ultimately, lean into what feels good for you and please reach out if you would like further guidance.

  • I am certified and continue to train with my teacher David Elliott in this style of Breathwork. David has spent the past 25+ years developing, refining and sharing his healing modality often referred to as “The Work” in which the Breathwork is a foundational tool. There is no trademarked name as he believes one cannot own this practice. It’s simply called Breathwork.

  • We are constantly experiencing energy throughout our nervous system. Most of us are so addicted to being in our brain and thinking mind that we are deeply disconnected from our physical, spiritual and emotional self. The breath works to bridge this gap and refine the connection between the body and essence or soul. This connection is the wellspring of all healing and forms the foundation of true, lasting personal transformation. It is from this place that we work to release, ground and expand all that you are looking to heal and cultivate in your journey. In a session or group, the breath is ultimately one of several tools that bring about healing. It is the starting point from which the rest of the work can be guided.

About Mackensey Smith

Congrats, you made it!

Everything you’re looking for is on the other side of the breath. Through the power of Breathwork, my mission is to provide you with healing that is grounded, empowering, and LASTS.

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